Welcome to Ruff Roasting Coffee Company!

We are a micro-roasting, dog loving, family run business. We offer a variety of our own freshly roasted, to order coffee. We have created a selection of brewed & espresso-based beans to please any palate. Enjoy your experience!

  • Hand Packaged

    Every hand-packed bag is filled with the exceptional coffee created for a perfect balance of flavors in your cup. 

  • Why for dog lovers?

    The smell and taste off coffee is comforting. Dogs and caffeine alike, can help boost focus and improve your mood!

    Our Story 
  • Delivered directly to you!

    We ensure orders travel straight from our roaster to your doorstep to ensure it arrives as close to its roast date as possible.

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Our Mission

To enrich the lives of families and their dogs by providing freshly roasted, energy and brain boosting, heart healthy coffee directly to your door.