Our Story

We are a couple, Taylor, and Kelly, and we love coffee. We love coffee so much that it has turned into a passion!

Have you ever woken up early to make your first cup of joe and quickly realized there wasn’t any left? Many times, we had forgotten to grab more beans from the local shop and had to face the morning, not so energized. And quiet frankly, we had trouble finding consistent delicious tasting coffee that just would not do the job (nearly) every single time.

Taylor, the true coffee guru of the team… and Ruff Roasting’s very own 'Roastmaster'. He takes great joy and passion in researching the best options for green coffee beans, selecting flavor profiles that will roast best, creates the recipe and masters the roasting process.

Kelly, head of the marketing, social media, and graphic design - she brings her passion for creativity, and innovative thinking to the team. Behind the scenes, running the web and social media sights, you are sure to have fun following us!

Did I mention we have three kids? Wait, I can still call them kids? Liana (young adult), Carsen (teen), and Caroline (pre-teen)! Sometimes on the weekends we like to venture out and try new coffee shops in Houston, Alvin, Missouri City, Pearland etc. – support local! As well as coffee fans, they love their pets, lots of dogs around here and liana has a precious cat, Salem (we do not discriminate - she is the cutest!)

So, why Ruff Roasting, a company for dog lovers? We have three, very spoiled, very lovable dogs… Louie, Akamaru and Jax. Although, they can't have coffee, they enjoy lazy mornings in front of the tv catching the morning news with us or sitting on the patio while we enjoy the nice weather days.

We only roast our carefully selected beans to perfection in small batches to ensure that you get the freshest high-quality coffee delivered straight to your door.

Our coffee flavors are full bodied, full aroma, crisp, tart, vibrant, lively, and sometimes sweet. We hope you stay and get some freshly roasted beans and enjoy your days ahead with the perfect cup of coffee!